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Since 2000, we have offered youth in the San Francisco community a wide range of enrichment programs to unleash their potential. We provide them a nurturing environment that allows them to develop the skills they need to become prominent leaders of tomorrow. At Bothell Youth Court, we have a wide range of activities and programs that are catered to suit every child’s needs. Check out our list of programs, and stop by for a visit!

Who Can Join?

Although we are called Bothell Youth Court, we accept all members who are willing to make the commute to Bothell, WA every Monday. Bothell is in our name because this is the city we are partnered with and where we get our cases from. We welcome members in grades 7-12.

What is the Time Commitment?

BYC meets every Monday evening. A season of BYC runs from late September to early June. We have court hearings monthly that last from 6-8pm. We also hold trainings every month to learn about different parts of our system. Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings also take place regularly. We ask all members to be punctual to all meetings. 

Depending on your particular role for each case, you will need to dedicate time outside of our meetings to prepare, often in collaboration with other members, community experts, and respondents. 

Benefits of BYC

This organization offers youth the opportunity to learn about the court system while implementing the restorative justice approach to real court cases. Youth not only are connecting with other youth in their community, but they able to use empathy as a way to fairly judge a case. Youth will also get the opportunity to improve their public speaking, writing, communication and organizational skills. Participation in BYC will also earn youth community service hours.

FAQs: Our Programs
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