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What is Bothell Youth Court?

Teen-run Non-Profit Community Traffic Court located in Bothell, WA

Bothell Youth Court (BYC) was started through the joint efforts of Bothell Municipal Court Michelle K. Gehlsen, University of Washington Bothell students, and Professor Camille Walsh (IAS). A genuine community and university partnership from the beginning, Bothell Youth Court draws on the knowledge of multiple stakeholders in the community to create an unforgettable experience in citizenship and restorative justice for its participants.

Founded in 2013 and in partnership with the Municipal Court of Bothell, University of Washington Bothell and the Northshore School District, the Bothell Youth Court works towards empowering local youth to adjudicate real cases of traffic violations committed by their peers. Hearings are conducted by a youth judge, witnessed by an all-youth jury, and cases are presented by youth attorneys. The court has heard close to 1500 cases and continues to work towards its goal of a safer community.

About Us: History
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