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Meet the Executive Team!

41C3D41D-FEC0-4902-8A8F-C3BCD31DD9F4_1_105_c - Katrina.jpeg

Katrina Cahill


Katrina Cahill serves as the President of the Bothell Youth Court for the 2023-2024 year and is a current junior. She has been in youth court going on 6 years and has loved every second. When she is not at youth court she can be found reading her favorite books in various parts of the PNW or preparing for upcoming speech and debate tournaments. Bothell Youth Court has become a huge part of her life because of the community and the people she gets to serve.

IMG_7403 - Scarlett Kramer.jpg

Scarlett Kramer

Vice President

Scarlett Kramer will be the Vice President of Bothell Youth Court for 2023-24, and will become the President the following year. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead, for she loves the educational experience BYC provides for both members and respondents. An organized and driven person, Scarlett is an Honors student at Cedar Park Christian School, and is involved in CPC's Honor Choir. Additionally, she has a leadership role in her school's National Honor Society chapter, and attends week-long mission trips each year. In her free time, she dabbles in many hobbies such as guitar, fiber crafts, and baking.

IMG_3467 - Kendal Graves.HEIC

Kendal G.


Kendal Graves is the Bothell Youth Court Secretary for the 2023 to 2024 school year. She is a senior at Bothell High School and currently attending Cascadia College as a part of the running start program. Kendal loves reading, watching new movies, and playing soccer with her team of 7 years. She is passionate about BYC and the positive impact that it has on the community, with how it helps teens who seek to make up for their mistakes, become better drivers, and reconnect to their community.


Sai Ganta

Social Media Chair

Sai Ganta is the social media chair for the 2023-2024 school year. She is currently a rising senior at North Creek High School and is very excited to be apart of BYC for another year. In her free time she loves to dance, do art and hang out with her friends and explore new activities. Her favorite thing about BYC is the endless support the team has and how everyone helps each other learn.
"It's so welcoming to come somewhere knowing that someone can help you with their skills and you can help them right back with some of yours."

jace branca-18 - Jace Branca.jpeg

Jace B

Recruitment Chair

Jace is the Recruitment Chair for the 2023-2024 year. He spends most of his time at work, when he's not at work he enjoys the outdoors, driving, and spending time with loved ones. "I love so much about Bothell Youth Court, but if I had to pick a couple things, I would start with how unique the program is. There are not many of them around, and many leaders in the fields similar are constantly learning or discovering youth court, and are almost always willing to help and grow the program. It is a beautiful way to give back, grow, and educate our community. My second observation is that BYC is a place for youth to discover themselves. Bothell Youth Court has so many members from several diverse backgrounds, and believe it or not, not everyone wants to be a lawyer or judge here! Some just come to learn, network, and be around peers that are of a similar mindset. When your surround yourself in an environment as such, it’s quite hard not to learn and work on yourself, especially when you are growing with others as well."

byc - Vivian Zhang.png

Vivan Zhang

Recruitment Committee

Vivian Zhang is a member of the Recruitment Committee of Bothell Youth Court for the 2023 to 2024 school year. She is currently attending North Creek as a freshman, who is excited to contribute to the behind the scenes work of the organization. Vivian is avid about community service and loves to create a safe environment for respondents in BYC. In her free time she loves to play multiple music instruments, story tell to young children, and is enthusiastic about reading and writing.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 6.42.10 PM - Sameeksha Kotapati.png

Samee K

Recruitment Committee

Samee is a member of the Recruiting Committee! She is a rising junior at North Creek High School. She loves the community that has built up around BYC, as well as how welcoming and friendly everyone is. She is very excited to be working with the BYC team this year. In her free-time, she plays volleyball and is a member of her school's band!

06B800B4-E634-4648-9C69-5DADD47BC429 - b z.jpeg

Bryan Z

Recruitment Committee

Bryan is a member of the upcoming recruitment committee and is a rising sophmore. The one thing he loves most about BYC is  the entire purpose: to provide an opportunity to young drivers to remove an infraction from their record if they give back to their community in some way. He thinks it's a great learning experience for everyone, including people like him who are just beginning to learn how to drive! In his free time, he likes browsing the Internet, chatting with his friends, or hanging out with his dogs.

IMG_1854 - Leyi Zhu (Belle).HEIC

Belle Z

Recruitment Committee

Belle is an upcoming junior part of the Recruitment Committee, and she loves to read sci-fi books or theories in her free time. Something she loves about Bothell Youth Court is that it’s able to grant people the chance to reflect and know more about how their actions could affect others in the future.

Headshot - Tanya Bhandari.png

Tanya Bhandari

Recruitment Committee

Tanya Bhandari is a senior at North Creek High School and is looking forward to another incredible year serving at the Bothell Youth Court! You'll often find her flipping through some of her favorite classic novels, listening to '80s music, watching a political or legal TV show, and reading and writing poetry. It is one of her many passions to learn about and advocate for both our shared and individual stories. Tanya may often get lost in web pages and books, researching history and inspiring historical narratives, but she enjoys storytelling in that her roles as a two-term high school Student Body President and youth attorney and recruitment committee member at the Bothell Youth Court allow her to learn the stories of local students and amplify their voices. She stumbled across the Bothell Youth Court after driving by the building one day and deciding to sit in on a hearing. She was immediately inspired by the opportunities BYC gave students to advocate for each other and signed herself up as a member. Now several months in, she's proud to say joining BYC was one of the best decisions she's made. Tanya can't wait to welcome you to BYC.

Executive Team: Team Members
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